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Sewing patterns in paper version. Kids 3-12 years old

Two sewing patterns for kids from 3 to 12 years old 
2 shapes: leggings for very stretchy materials (such as jersey or stretch rib) or jegging for medium stretchy materials (such as fleece or French terry with elastane)
3 lengths: long, 3/4 or short. No side seams
Ankle bands or hems depending on length
Waistband with inserted elastic or fancy elastic as a waistband
2 patterns for comfortable outfits, essential for the homewear or sports wardrobe.

The leggings have finished measurements that are narrower than your body measurements in order to be form-fitting. The pattern is worked in negative ease; the fabric will relax well and fit the body.

The jegging has measurements very close to the body. The medium-stretch fabric used to make them will stretch slightly. The jegging will therefore be slightly tight and comfortable. The shape is somewhere between leggings and jogging trousers.


Skill level: easy and quick

The leggings/jegging is quick and easy to sew as it has only a few pieces. It is therefore a suitable project for a beginner.

What you will learn with these patterns: how to assemble an elastic as waistband or a band with inserted elastic, how to make ankle bands or double needle hems.

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