Ikatee Marieke jumpsuit & playsuit & dress

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Jumpsuit + Playsuit + Dress Trio Paper Sewing Pattern & Guidebook

A jumpsuit, playsuit and dress sewing pattern for girls.

Long sleeves or sleeveless
Elastic at waistband
Many options for ruffle placement
Pockets, yoke at back
Front buttoned-down placket
Convenient for all seasons

A design created in collaboration by Isabelle from le labO* d'isa and Stéphanie from ikatee

« Our shared pleasure of creating for children has brought us together quite quickly. Bits by bits, the idea of collaborating on a garment together has becone evident. We wanted to gather our universes and our feelings on a garment that was like us.
We started with "Petite Paulette", a combi-short with ruffles that was sewed 3 years ago at labO* d’Isa in a pregnancy dress ;-)
We decided to reinvent it, reboot it as a sewing pattern that would allow many possibilities, so that you, both as sewing addicts and heroes of your daughters, could reinvision your ideal version.
Long or short sleeves, ruffles in the back, in the front, on pockets or at the sleeves, as a pair of pants, shorts, or skirt, for winter as well as summer… Marieke (little Mary) was thus born.
We have put all your hearts into this pattern and we hope that you'll like it as much as us.

Isabelle & Stéphanie »

Isabelle's blog http://isalabo.canalblog.com

Sewing level :   Intermediate to advanced

What you will learn with this sewing pattern: how to assemble a yoke, ruffles, how to assemble an elasticated waistband, a placket and pockets.

A video with main technical steps is available soon

Age range :  3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 years

Material suggestions:

Cotton woven fabric, cambric, poplin, batiste, light twill, double gauze, light denim, plumetis, viscose, jacquard. Knitted fabrics are also possible (jersey, fleece or French terry).
This version is a paper sewing pattern with the paper guidebook that you can have delivered by mail. You can also buy a PDF sewing pattern with instant delivery.
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